Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way. A Little Review!

Hi all,

Well for the past few days I have been working my way through the first three series of Sons Of Anarchy. This is a series that I have wanted to watch since it started and I finally relented.

And what did I think of it you may ask. Well I LOVED it! From the warehouse explosion in the first episode to their adventure in Ireland during the end of series 3.

The basic premise, for those who haven't seend the series, is about an Outlaw Motocycle Club called, You guessed it, Sons Of Anarchy (or SAMCRO/Sam Crow) and there adventures in protecting their town/territory.

The characters are brilliant across the board and so is their growth. My favourite so far is a tie between Chuck, played by Michael Marisi Ornstein, who has a tendancy to play with himself on a regular basis and Tig, Kim Coates, who would find nothing shocking and has a very sick sense of humor.

The themes of what is good for one's self and what is good for the club, can be best described as contrasting. Can you run guns and still call yourself a good person? Throughout the first season there is alot of voice over in the form of a book, writen by Jax's father. These short passages really sement the strugle between good and club.

Not quite The Wire or The Sopranos but still very good.


  1. Can't agree more. It's currently my favorite show on tv.

  2. Only seen the show a couple times because I really don't watch cable much but it seemed decent. WishI had more time :/

  3. love SOA. Thought season 3 was a bit of a slow burn but it was SO worth it just for the ending of season 3. So satisfying.

  4. Sounds badass, what kind of violence can i expect to see?

  5. I truly want to see this! But First Season Six Of Lost( i'm a bit behind :) )

  6. I love this show. I've seen first season and I'm now warching second season.